When you’re an avid surfer, catching those perfect waves is a must, even when you’re travelling. But how do you get your beloved surfboard to the airport and to your destination hassle-free? Here, we’ll explore the best ways to transport your surfboard, discuss the costs involved, and even learn how to book a spacious taxi transfers with surfboard for your surf adventure.

Taxi Transfers With Surfboard

How Much Taxi Transfers With Surfboard Cost from Melbourne Airport to the City of Melbourne?

Once you’ve landed at Melbourne Airport, the next step is getting to the city. Discover the taxi options available and learn about pricing for a convenient and comfortable ride. A Big taxi cost from Melbourne airport to city centre starts from $80.

How Do I Book a Airport Taxi Transfers With Surfbard?

Bringing your surfboard on your journey is easier than you might think. Discover the tips and tricks to safely and efficiently transport your surfboard to Melbourne Airport. You can book a large size taxi at or calling at +61 414 999 990 to travel with a surfboard.

How Much Does It Cost to Travel with a Surfboard in Taxis?

Budgeting for your surf trip is essential. We’ll break down the costs associated with travelling with a surfboard, from a few popular pickup points in Melbourne. For instance if you travel from airport:

  • Bells Beach Transfers Cost Starts From – $260
  • Cape Woolamai on Phillip Island Cost Starts From – $350
  • Gunnamatta Beach, Victoria Cost Starts From – $270
  • Fairhaven Great Ocean Road Beach Cost Starts From – $290

What Is the Safe Way to Transport a Surfboard?

From board bags to packing techniques, we’ll guide you through the best practices for transporting your surfboard securely. Ensure your board arrives at your destination in perfect condition.

Melbourne Airport Transfers for Families

Travelling with your family? Find out how to arrange spacious Melbourne Airport transfers that accommodate both your loved ones and your surfboards.

How Do I Book a Large Taxi at Melbourne Airport?

Booking a taxi that can carry your surfboards and provide ample space for your family is a breeze. Learn how to secure a large taxi for a stress-free journey.

Travelling with surfboards doesn’t have to be a challenge. With the right knowledge and planning, you can catch those waves at your dream destination with ease.

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